Welcome to Julie Story Lifestyle, a place where we weave magic into the tapestry of our everyday lives, and where every space becomes an extension of who we are.

hi bestie
Julie Story

I'm Julie Story, a neurodivergent creator at the heart of this sparkling space. Having spent 15 years as a branding expert, I've transitioned into the world of influence, cultivating meaningful connections with over 500,000 like-minded souls. Today, I'm thrilled to bring you into a world where we celebrate the beauty of life, cherishing every moment and every space as an opportunity to find enchantment.

Meet the designer
I believe in...

the art of romanticizing our lives, in finding beauty in the mundane, and in creating spaces that resonate with our souls.

and having cookies as often as possible
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My journey began with a love for storytelling, a penchant for humor, and a thirst for genuine connections. Over the years, I've discovered that life's true magic lies in sharing our stories, in celebrating our quirks, and in finding beauty in authenticity. My products are more than just items; they are companions on your journey, helping you script your dreams, decorate your memories, and wrap yourself in warmth

Designer & Comedic Content Creator 
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Our passion is to curate lifestyle products that breathe life into your spaces, products that make your surroundings cozy, meaningful, and undeniably yours.

Whether it's our carefully designed planners that guide you on a journey of self-discovery, the handpicked home decor that turns your living space into a reflection of your spirit, or the comfortable attire that wraps you in warmth, each item is a brushstroke on your life's canvas.

My Mission
why I do what I do

Amidst the chaos of the world, there's a quiet magic within us waiting to be explored.  We are committed to providing products that infuse magic into your daily life, products that become a part of your unique story.

i live for authenticity
coffee, makeup and red wine

I love cookies, cute puppies

So, come with me. Let's embark on a journey where stories and spaces intertwine, where cozy corners become chapters in your life's narrative. Let's delve into the enchantment of living, celebrating every moment and making your space feel like the truest reflection of you.

At Julie Story Lifestyle, I believe in the art of crafting a life that's rich in stories, embracing the magic within, and creating spaces that feel like home.

Let's create magic together.


Give me a white bouquet everyday!

favortie things
these are a few of my

I am a sucker for a
well designed planner!

favortie things
these are a few of my
sparkles &  tulle

I'm convinced a dramatic dress can solve any problems.

cookie dough

Cookies and cookie dough are my weakness

coffee & carbs

Coffee and cake go together like a girl squad in 2023

lucy & chloe

My little snuggle bugs. My puppies make me so happy.

I adore

the people

my best friend

loves geneology

great dancer


my husband

"borrows" my makeup

is also a designer

believes boba tea is life



loves snacks

says bru 

great at sports


my son

eats loudly

snuggles me hard

loves each other

Lucy + Chloe

my favorite non people

I'd love traveling and I would love to go explore the gorgeous mountain and scenery in New Zealand

go explore New Zealand
my dream list

Reputation is my favorite era. I still haven't recovered. She's my number one most played artist on my Spotify EVERY year.

meet Taylor Swift
my dream list

I left my heart in Paris and fell in love with the people and the language. I'd love to lean how to speak french.

Learn french
my dream list

Target was my first job EVER and I have loved them ever since!

colab with Target
my dream list

My dream is to inspire other to take steps towards their own happiness even if it's in small ways.

TO inspire people
my dream list

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